Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 261 - Lisa

We started our a picture a day blog in 2010.  We have taken a combined 12000+ pictures in two and half years on our journeys near and far since moving South.  I told my mom what are we going to do with all these pictures?  We need to find a way to incorporate them into our every day life as they make us happy when we look at all the places, people and memories they represent.  My mom then read an article in the Sunday paper about home decorating and how its always more inviting, colorful and interesting to share your travels and experiences through art in your home versus going to a store and buying something that doesn't have a personal connection or memory attached.  Several ideas we have incorporated into this house is what they suggested;  themed rooms, pieces of art such as figurines, pictures, shells, rocks, cloth from places you've been mixed with your furniture and on your walls.  So I decided to choose some of our favorite New Orleans pictures and make a collage for our NOLA French Quarter doors themed dining room.  We are not formal people.  I enjoy that I've inherited my grandma's china and glassware and I love a nice table but I want a relaxed home.  So we decided to give our what is supposed to be formal dining room a Big Easy twist.  I love this room.  As just as the article suggested when I go sit in there it takes me to New Orleans which I love and makes me feel happy, kind of funky, colorful with a mix of old and new.  We got the canvas today and I think it exceeded our expectations.  It may not be much to others but I was jazzed to see my rookie photography on canvas as a piece of art in our home. 

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