Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 260 - Lisa

Worked on trying to find all my Disney items this past weekend.  My mom and I made a deal that we each get to decorate one of the two guests rooms.  I chose to put all our Disney or I should say Disneyland pictures, tins, figurines from years gone by in my room.  It's coming along pretty good.  I have the futon and a small dresser so I put up shelves to display mainly my lunchboxes, Mary Poppins, Mickey Mouse and Shag items.  I am going crazy because I cannot find my biggest treasure my Shag prints of the 5 lands in Disneyland.  They are a collectors item and now out of print.  I protected and packed them so well we cannot find them.  My mom and I both opened all the boxes in the basement so we think and searched.  I'm brokenhearted they have not turned up.  They are very special to me.  Hoping they just magically appear one day.  

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