Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 243 - Sis

So the world of children's books has apparently left my world because I haven't heard of the "Flat Stanley" series.  My niece, Kellee, apprised me of their existence when she asked if I was willing to help her daughter, (my great-niece), with a school project.  Autumn's, (the great-niece), class will be using this character's format to learn about other geographical areas.  Since I live the furthest from any other relative or friend she chose me to take "Flat Autumn" to some of the places I visit. It doesn't have to be a tourist or special place, just anywhere I go for whatever length of time I want.  I can send her back with menus, maps or little souvenirs but it requires a pictures of Flatty and me of these sites.  I didn't take a picture of the Target store visited today because her Grandmother, (my sister, Kellee's mother), works for Target in California and that might be overkill for Flatty since she visits that particular store regularly. Maybe I'll take her to Walmart because I'm sure her Grandmother never takes her there!

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