Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 242 - Sis

Look what's here!  We decided to subscribe to the local paper  but only on Thursdays and Sundays for now.  I miss the printed news and reading it just seems a better way of grasping the world around me and not get lost in the over made-up, reporter's faces on tv.  TV and websites hit on the big and quick stories but sometimes you want to get a more in-depth view of a smaller or particular one.  Plus being raised in a home where a paper was read daily, it's just an act I hang onto and enjoy.  Reporters described and wrote articles that opened up the world and made you think about ideas, culture, politics and people, that weren't always available on tv in those days. Words were there in print so if you didn't understand, a dictionary was opened and you absorbed and felt good about learning it.  Articles were written, some in a series, on stories that delved into worlds or ideas you had never thought or knew about.  I like the smell too, I still enjoy the comics section and I can read something that doesn't require a battery!

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