Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 210 - Lisa

After wandering through the French Quarter in suffocating heat my sister made the call for us to get on the Natchez and take a cruise down the ole' Mississippi.  It helped to cold us, a little, very little.  ;>  It was very interesting seeing the ships from all over the world docked.  Also very eerie and fascinating to actually see the levees.  Later that night, we had a nice dinner in Jackson Square at Muriel's.  Our meal was excellent.  I about died when the shrimp came to me with their heads on them.  Almost hurled, the waiter was kind enough to take them back and give them the old Marie Antionette job!  Steve and I both had the BBQ Shrimp, Yolanda and my mom had the Double Pork chop!  At 10pm we headed for the Wolf Den down in the Arts District to hear the Hot 8 Brass Band.  They were so good and we got to talk to one of the band members during their break.  Harry was a really nice guy giving us some good tips about New Orleans and we taught him a bit about the band Tower of Power from Oakland, famous for their Brass Section.  It was just a room about 20"x 20" with some chairs lining the all brick walls.

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