Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 133 - Lisa

Brazilian Koa - that be our new flooring come next weekend.  After much deliberation and worry about your costs we decided to go with laminate.  We had laminate flooring at our other house and it held up really well.  Hardwood would have been fine if it was a couple rooms but not the entire house as carpet is not not an option with all of my sinus and allergy problems.  Cannot wait to get rid of the nasty carpet and really badly stained floors.  Woohoo!  Going to be interesting to see the whole floor laid out as the pattern is very "animal" like as in a zebra or tiger strips.  Speaking of animals.  Poor sunii is feeling lonely as we are gone for really long stretches of time.  She's not used to that but her attention getting antics when we are home have been pretty funny.  She's sitting in a Staples Copier paper work so I've been calling her Copy Cat with the laser printing eyes!

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