Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 132 - Sis

Second day of the ice puddle saga.  Even more water; start to sweep again, towels are placed and I call Lisa.  She has the guy's number we need him to come out as soon as possible. He was there within an hour. Finds two or three reasons why the iceberg is there and gets to work.  He makes a trip to supply store for a hose, pump and new filter.  Old filter has not been changed for quite some time, maybe five years! Filters needs to be changed every three months, six at the longest. Of course not the kind you can just pick up at local hardware stores. Spends the day working and explaining to me what he has done and is doing. I nod my head when I think I'm understanding.  Oh and the ice was inside all the box that the hose was attached to so the AC is now the problem. He has gauges and a leak finder that's buzzing like crazy. He had hoped the work he had done would help or even fix the reason for the icing but nope, not enough. From eleven to 5 p.m. he worked and his charge was unbelievably reasonable and he will discount that charge when we put in the NEW AC!

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