Sunday, May 06, 2012

Day 127 - Sis

We drive up hoping things are okay at our seven door wonder of a house.  It is, phew.  Lisa places orange post-its identifying the problem on all doors.  New locksmith, same company, arrives. A little weird to see a tiny man with a Mohawk and a very heavy Russian accent. He was a little upset that his fellow countryman did such an incredibly horrible job, or let's clarify that, when you turned the knob on the garage door to the kitchen, it fell out. LOL He was seething because he said this guy was not qualified to do this big of a job and it's happened more than once. This has left Russian # 2 doing the clean-up and dealing with the wrath of the consumers.  Not us, we did not rake him over the coals or threaten any retributions for Russian # 1's ineptness. Our Sunday Russian did a very good job and we are quite satisfied with it. Guess that answers the question, "How many Russians does it take to change out doorknobs?"  To offset this near disaster project, the GAS stove was delivered and should be installed by our, "ceritified" plumber/electrician, after he puts in the gas line for it. Oh, he is a tall man, with just a slight accent and no attitude. I'm thrilled.;-)

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