Saturday, May 05, 2012

Day 126 - Sis

Dishwasher delivered. Small problem, we weren't told WE were suppose to disconnect old one and remove for installation of the new one.  Delivery men don't remove the item, only install, so here it sits until we can find someone to take care of it, plus now we have to find someone to haul the old one away. No biggie but it has to be installed before the granite is placed on top of the cabinet it  sits in.  Next problem of the day.  Decided and advised we should change all locks on our doors, all seven of them.  Okay, Lisa is able to get a locksmith out this very day.  Up drives this very petite man with an accent and a bit of an attitude. He starts work around one, has doorknob sets, deadbolts, screws, washers everywhere he's working and he begins another door before he finishes one.  At 6 p.m. with every door  either missing a doorknob, deadbolt or put together wrong  he gives and tells us he will have to get help tomorrow to finish.  Ah, what? Lisa tells him, "We can't leave without being able to lock the doors, we don't live her yet."  He's astounded, "You don't?"  Guess he didn't notice our makeshift dining set and no other furniture in all the areas he worked.   So he jerry rigged them to close, oh there also was one left with no doorknob in it!  It was plugged and covered with a plastic bag.  We leave for the night with fingers crossed, okay we were a little crossed too.

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