Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 112 - Sis

This was a day of different stops in our area and a truly free day the three of us, Lisa, oneeya and me had to waste. Decided we should use the time before we're fully involved in home ownership. Two promising stops of the day were when we went to our town's local flea market to see what that was like. Very quiet and small. Maybe 10 canopies set up with items that made us realize we could probably make a few bucks from some of our junk in storage! Second we headed to an Ace Hardware/nursery combo. Lisa and I enjoyed this part very much, oneeya found sitting in the truck wasn't all that, but she had to notice the other dogs, in their vehicles, solved the boredom by sleeping. I saw this sign that made me think one chicken was for sale, actually means six or seven. Hoping that math applies to other future purchases we may have.;0 This beautiful object, in a garden setting, made me wonder if it was a rain barrel, tall planter or huge ashtray. Oh we did fit in a visit to the dog park for the little pouting girl.

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