Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 91 - Lisa

My mom and I have our routine down pat when we go grocery shopping.  We try to unload the cart based on food groups and how we want them bagged up.  Fruits & Vegs, Meats, Canned goods, paper products, frozen foods, etc.  So my mom helps we get started and then she goes down to the register to start that process while I continue to unload the cart.  Today we had a bit of a frustrating experience that had me feeling a bit like Matt Dillon in Something About Mary.  1) we had so many groceries that it took up the entire length of the grocery counter belt (what do you call that thing?) and I have this couple behind me with one of those hand baskets with about 6 items in it.  The male is practically standing on top of me shifting from foot to foot and sighing.  I'm unloading and I can feel his breath and presence on me.  I'm getting irritated.  I cannot go any faster because the "bagger" is having difficulties bagging our groceries.  I do not think he's worked there long and he's mentally challenged.  The grocery clerk, my mom and I are all trying very hard to be patient and their boss keeps coming over to help the bagger but he is struggling.  The couple behind me I guess think speeding things up would be to begin to push at me.  The woman tells her partner loudly, "go ahead and sit the basket up there, she is FINALLY DONE."  O - M - G !!!!  So me being me, I turn around and tell them, "why are you sighing and pushing when you could easily walk down to the 10 items or less line?"  They ignore me.  LOL  Aye yi yi.  What makes people tick?  I try to understand.  2) Our groceries are a disaster.  I walk down to help the bagger get the groceries in the cart and I have a bag with one tub of margarine, canned goods sitting on top of a bag of grapes and strawberries.  A huge bottle of Cloroz inside a plastic bag.  LOL  So I'm trying to be polite, sensitive and hurry up and get stuff re-bagged.  It was hopeless.  So there was my mom and I out at the truck completely re-bagging our groceries in the hot sun.  All of this so we can drive 15min to our place and unload everything in about 20 minutes.  I felt bad for feeling frustrated with the kid and annoyed that the couple got under my skin.  I hate grocery shopping!  Have I said that enough lately?

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