Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 27 - Sis

Well it seems a week has slipped by without a post from me. I know, you were probably moaning and suffering horribly from the withdrawals that I have caused. So let's see what I'm itching to bring you about the other thing that "bugs" me here. See this luscious, juicy, colorful watermelon? I have come to believe that this is what I look like to the insects in Georgia, round, sweet and delectable. Okay the round part is not a mistake, the sweet and delectable our a matter of opinion and NO, I do not need to hear them. I swear the little critters are on 12 hour shifts because no matter what time I go out, and having a dog it's usually at least three times a day, they immediately go to work. Any exposed part of my body is a target but the ankes and arms seems to be the prime cuts for them. From what I have learned the main culprits in the area are: mosquitos, biting gnats and the, WTH, "no-see-ums." I am not kidding, bugs you can't see but bite just like the big guys. I have to buy some OFF spray very soon or get a transfusion, geez. Figure I will soon have a degree in bugology from the state of Georgia and scars to prove it.

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