Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 38 - Sis

This week we were looking forward to a fundraising event in Atlanta that was held by the Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption, where I adopted oneeya. It was held at Centennial Park and was a huge success, raising $145,000 that all goes back to APRA! It was a warm day, 85 degrees but there were water bowls and multiple cooling stations for the dogs. Events for the day included:a walk around the park, dog races, raffles and more. We checked in and we're both given a sway bag for oneeya. Now I think it was because she is such a sweet, well behaved dog that she received the double bonus, sigh, Lisa says no it came about from our separate registration fees. No matter, oneeya was excellent as were all the dogs I encountered. When the day ended and my very tired girl got home we investigated the swag bags and found some really nice doggy gifts and treats, including a toy for sunii. The cat's enthusiasm was an amazing display!

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