Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 36 - Sis

Sunday of course was a day that was filled with the sad memories of the worst days in American history and I had plans to watch some of the memorials on TV but there was an interruption in my plans. Earlier in the week I noticed that oneeya was scratching a spot near her shoulder and when I checked there was an extremely red area that looked close to bleeding. I thought some bug or flea was picked up while on a walk. I wiped her down and put some Vasoline on the spot figuring it might cool the area and stop the scratching. I also gave her the flea/tick meds a few days earlier than her usual monthly application hoping it would rid her of any parasite. She was okay for a couple of days and then started up again, adding paw licking and scratching other spots. So I checked the original trouble spot and found a crusty sore and she did not want me to touch it. Here's when Sunday's plan was abandoned. Thankfully the vet office she's seen at is open seven days a week and I got her an appointment. Examination and diagnosis results - she has environmental allergies and dogs don't sneeze they scratch because of it. Came home with four prescriptions, she will take them until December when the allergy season is over. See I got a rescue dog, a mutt. Everyone says they are the healthiest and not so susceptible as purebreds. I had a Boxer and she was wonderful but when she got sick it usually was a four figure bill. She was worth every penny. Living in an apartment I knew I couldn't get another Boxer even though there were some at the rescue center. I bit the bullet and adopted this nice little mix breed who now will need her own weekly pill box for six to eight months a year! Sigh, so instead of writing about the effects on the world that a terrible act by fanatics, 10 years ago committed, I'm writing about one little mutt's world and how her environment has affected her world. God bless America and my little mutt.

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