Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 34 - Sis

My favorite hard candies are lemon drops and peppermints. One reason is they last a long time and they're refreshing. I have noticed that the lemon drops now don't seem to be as tart. Do you know how disappointing it is when my mouth and mind are preparing for that first taste of sugar that is almost instantly lost to a cheek sucking delight?! Now? It's just the sweet with no tart. My sister-in-law and I had a long discussion about this subject a few years back and she said her brother agreed with our opinions and the lost of this once wonderful joy in our lives. I found this brand at the local Hobby Lobby store, of course that's the first place I'd think to buy candy, the crafts store. Anyway, they are pretty good, don't think they have the same punch as I have in my head, but better than most. Please notice where the lemons are from and are used for the natural flavoring. ;- So these little bags are heading to California, you might say they're returning home, to Irene and Roque and hope they share like good siblings. The root beer candies are just an extra I threw in, but can't opine about their flavor as I don't like root beer. You know, it must have something to do with my childhood when my parents would send us on Saturdays to the all day features at our local movie house. It cost a dime to get in, (yeah I'm that old), and we got a dime to spend. Well whatever my choice was it had to last for quite some time and that usually meant Jr. Mints, Spearmint Leaves or a Sugar Daddy. I would eat the mint candy very sloooowly, one by one. Or if one of my siblings bought a soda, we would share our purchases. Yuck when I think of sharing anything with another kid I cringe. Double yuck when I think of mixing two of those flavors. Okay my Pavlova training is hitting and my saliva glands are awake so going to grab a couple of drops and suck like my Giants are right now.

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