Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 24 - Sis

I mean how are you suppose to react? " You know if you're going to get skin cancer this is the best one." HUH? Is a trophy given for this? Yep, went to see a dermatologist a few weeks back because I had a growth on my face, the size of maybe a pencil eraser, and a biopsy was done. Two weeks later the growth was removed and I was told again, the basal cell cancer is the best kind because it doesn't get into your blood system and spread. Okay, I had to sport this attractive dressing for two days. Not bad although it was pretty bulky and so tight, pushing my left nostril closer to the right one. I could only inhale properly through the right nostril! Two days later I was able to remove the dressing, breathe normally and get the stitches wet. Now it looks like I went a few rounds with Manny Paquiao. I am hoping this doesn't affect my close-ups after I have the stitches removed. :-/ To those in my family and friends I didn't tell about this-SURPRISE!!!! I wasn't going to bother anyone with the news since it's the best kind of cancer you could have and wouldn't want to make anyone envious.;- So please remember the sunscreen everyone and if you don't want to show every flaw in your skin do not take a picture with a Canon Powershot. LOL.

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