Sunday, May 08, 2011

Week 18 - Sis

Last Sunday ended with the news of Osama being dead, which turned out to be a good way to end a week. Monday seemed a bit better knowing this until the conspirator theorists started their blogs and we were deluged with all the news stations reporting, or should I say over reporting every piece of minutiae out there. Thank God for David Letterman and his take on it. Meanwhile my dog, oneeya, found the most important thing for the week was to chew and destroy a stress ball. Hmmm, maybe she knows something I don't, cause I thought I was suppose to squeeze the ball not eat it! For me the week ended today with the gift of hanging planters for our little patio, that's the entrance to our apartment and we can view from our windows. The next thing to get was one of those upside down hanging tomato planters, yay, until Lisa informed me we were suppose to buy a tomato plant to put into the container! I will be walking to the Home Depot tomorrow morning to make that purchase and start my crop. Heck might as well plant some herbs too, slight problem, how do I fit this amount of seeds into this size planters! I have the same problem everyday fitting my size body into clothes hanging in the closet. I do have another stress ball and think I will start eating it tomorrow!

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