Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 4 - Lisa

This is one of those weeks in life that you examine and just check off as unremarkable; yet it was full of drama and exhausting.  All job related so <insert Charlie Brown teachers voice here> whomp-whomp, whomp-whomp-whomp. There was no weekend adventure as I worked Saturday.  So what did I take pictures of?  Well Friday I made the 90min round trip drive to get some "soul food."  Thankfully we have found ONE Taqueria with the tastes of home.  My next pic is when I was deliriously waiting for water to boil at 10:30pm one night so I could have some noodle soup.  I started tripping out on the all the bubbles forming in my boiling water; I'll blame the fever for that one.  Next up is my Mama's crack cookies.  We sent home care packages this week.  I made fudge for my Tia Madeline and cousin Britni and my mom made her highly addictive cookies for my sister, Sia.  She froze some dough for us.  So delicious!  Lastly our big outing for the weekend was grocery shopping.  Oh how I loathe grocery shopping.  Like I want to fall down on the ground, kick and scream and have a hissy fit every time I think about having to grocery shop.  I think I'd be okay with it if I could pay someone to unload the truck and put them all away.  My mom is the kitchen organizer as she calls it her "place of work" so I do not even do that much. Yet, I still loathe it.  So I had to find a bright spot while pushing the cart and luckily there were some pretty flowers in the store.  Just as I was feeling a touch of Spring on this fluke of a beautiful 65 degree day and getting a little skip in my step I turn the corner and see the Valentine's Day display. "Oh the horror," I mentally screamed. I'll save my loathing of this holiday for February.  Do not want to seem all doom and gloom in one post.  ;> Let's just say it brings back harrowing memories of working holidays at Hallmark.  Stories for another week...

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